Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Importance of a Travel Accident Insurance Plan

Everyone travels at one time or the other whether it is for business or pleasure.

Prospect Of Oasis Insurance.

I asked my stockbroker to buy insurance shares or me and he bought Oasis. Is it a good buy? How come nobody had ever discussed it on this forum if it is.

Car Insurance Rate When You Have A Bad Driving Record

If you are considered a bad driver or a high-risk driver, finding a car insurance rate you can afford comfortably is a challenge.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to Get Cheap Major Medical Insurance in Florida

What is major medical insurance? Major medical insurance, also known as catastrophic health insurance, is insurance that pays for major emergency medical and hospital expenses.

China's Huatai Insurance approved to set up Hong Kong AMC

BEIJING (XFN-ASIA) - Beijing-based Huatai Insurance Co has received approval to set up an asset management company in Hong Kong, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) said.

Life insurance as part of your estate planning

Apart from the fact that it may serve as a tax shelter for you and your families, life insurance can also be a good framework for the programming assets, and specifically deals with how to distribute your assets after you die, ...

How To Save Money When Buying A Life Insurance Policy

If you are in need of a new life insurance policy, but you’re concerned about how much it’s going to cost, there is one option that is generally less expensive than most other types of life insurance policies.